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UV Swimming Pool Treatment Benefits

Who wouldn't prefer the option of bathing in a swimming pool disinfected without chlorine or any other chemical additives? Up until quite recently public pool operators have had little choice but to use chlorine disinfection systems, sometimes together with an ozone oxidation process. WEDECO UV Systems plc has proved that ultraviolet treatment with low levels of free chlorine has major benefits over any of these traditional methods.

The greatest benefit of UV treatment is that short-wave ultraviolet light has a photo-oxidation effect that destroys chloramines and other toxic by-products of chlorine. This is done without adding any further chemicals to the water. Much less chlorine needs to be used to provide bacterial control, so water quality and atmospheric conditions are considerably improved.

The primary UV disinfection process destroys all bacteria passing through the treatment plant. In particular, and unlike ozone systems, this protects bathers against bacteria in the filter media re-entering the pool.

Chlorine VS Ultraviolet
Chlorine produces toxic by-products, which build up in water and atmosphere.   UV destroys these pollutants releasing free chlorine back to pool.
Chlorine is a slow acting disinfectant, unless concentrations are high.   UV acts instantly. Only low level chlorine residuals are necessary.
Excessive chlorine is needed to overcome high organic loadings.   UV cuts costs by releasing the combined chlorine.
Ozone VS Ultraviolet
Ozone plant is relatively complex and costly and so is expensive to run, even when new.   UV plant is simple, and lower in capital cost. It performs the same oxidation & disinfection tasks at a fraction of ozone’s running cost.
Ozone plant becomes increasingly difficult and expensive to maintain.   Maintenance costs of UV equipment are lower, and do not increase significantly with age.
To remove the toxic ozone before it enters the pool needs carbon filtration; this itself uses up free chlorine and increases the chemical costs.   With UV plant simpler filter media can be used, saving carbon and chlorine costs.
Overdosing, and ozone entering the pool itself, is possible if ozone equipment malfunctions.   It is impossible to overdose UV light.
Ozone leak detection is difficult, giving rise to health & safety concerns (ozone is VERY toxic).   UV treatment replaces ozone, and does not use or create any toxic chemicals whatsoever.
Combined UV/Ozone System VS Ultraviolet
These hybrid units only treat a small portion of the pool flow, not recommended by the Pool Water Treatment Guide.   Full flow treatment treats all the pool water flow, at every pass.
Higher pump pressures required, possibly requiring an extra boost pump.   No restriction to pool water flow.

Additionally, the combination of chlorine, chloramines and ozone in the atmosphere can be very corrosive to equipment and buildings. However, UV treatment replaces ozone and controls chloramine levels, so building maintenance expenditure is reduced.

With these obvious advantages there are no longer any reasons why swimmers and staff should endure an unpleasant pool environment. WEDECO UV Systems plc has a number of successful installations in place, with reduction rates of up to 90% of combined chlorine achieved, at the same time controlling free chlorine levels to less than 1.0 ppm.

Water quality and atmospheric conditions are considerably improved, operating costs are cut and pool attendance and revenue is increased. Independent test results are available on request, and visits can be arranged to some of the pools where we have solved difficult water quality problems.


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