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UV Swimming Pool Treatment Cost Comparison

Ultraviolet light vs Ozone - The true costs

The following table illustrates the difference in purchase and running costs of UV sterilisation and ozone treatment based on a typical 25 meter exercise pool (450 m volume, 2 hour turnover, high peak bather load).

Item Description - Ozone plant Cost- Ozone Description -UV plant Cost - UV UV SAVING
Capital Costs
Equipment Ozone generator unit 10,000 Top spec, fully automatic with wipers, strainer, monitor and full controls 23,500  
Filters, mixer vessels degasser etc Say, 2x2.4m dia vessels + mixer vessel 22,500 Not required 0
Installation, labour & fittings Extra for ozone plant 7,500 Simple 3 valve bypass system only 4,500  
Plantroom space. Footprint area. Overall area required: 2 x vessels - 15 m, ozone generator 6 m, mixer pumps and pipework 5 m 13,000 Equipment footprint = 1.7x0.6 m, allow 3.5 by 1.1 meters for full access 1,925
Safety detector Ozone detector - ozone very poisonous, 0.1 PPM maximum safe level 2,000 No health risks associated with UV    
Total Capital Costs 55,000 29,925 CAPITAL SAVING 25,075
Operating Costs          
Power Typical consumption inc pumps 10kW 2,700 2.2 kVA 600
Annual maintenance costs inc spares Typical annual contract costs, inc dielectric tubes from major supplier 5,500 Service contract inc lamp replacement as required, seals and labour 2,750  
Ozone detector recalibration 500 n/a 0
Filter vessels Epoxy lining 15,000 every five years 3,000 n/a    
Filter vessels Carbon replacement, 4,000 every five years 800 n/a
Chemical savings Deozonisation carbon removes free chlorine - extra chemical use 1,000      
Total operation costs 13,500 3,350 SAVING PER YEAR 10, 150

Please note that only full flow systems of each type are compared. Slipstream or bypass systems, which cannot provide primary disinfection are not considered suitable for professional systems.



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