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UV Swimming Pool Treatment for Private Pools

Domestic Pools

UV disinfection of domestic pools and spas is a chemical-free method of killing bacteria by shortwave ultraviolet light. To ensure a safe and pleasant pool environment without using strong disinfection chemicals, ultraviolet water purification destroys organic pollutants instantly as the water passes through the treatment chamber. The ultraviolet sterilization system we provide for private pools is particularly suitable for users who are sensitive to the usual swimming pool disinfectants, heavy metals from ionic purifiers or allergic to chlorine.


  • More pleasant bathing in a very low chemical environment

  • Dramatically reduced chemical dosing (50% or more) and hence chemical costs

  • Possibility of zero-chlorine bathing, using peroxide disinfectants

  • Unrivalled protection against contamination in filter media

  • Safety-net protection against loss of chemical dosing - real life tests with no dosing for a month proved the pool still stayed fresh

  • Instantaneous disinfection at every pass

  • Very low power consumption

  • All stainless steel construction

  • Economical low purchase and running costs


One of our customers, extremely sensitive to a wide range of common chemicals, had an oxidizing system installed for an outdoor 30,000 gallon test pool. This simple to operate system uses Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) coupled to a UV chamber and eliminates the use of chlorine, algaecides and flocculent. The owner is very satisfied with the experience and confirms the pool is a 'pure' joy to use with its crystal clear, soft and silky swimming water.


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