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UV Swimming Pool Treatment UV Technical Information

Short-wave Ultraviolet light (UVC) has two important properties that are major benefits in swimming pools. It is a totally chemical-free disinfection method and it can photo-oxidize and destroy combined chlorine molecules e.g. chloramines and other organic pollutants.

WEDECO UV Systems plc specialize in LOW PRESSURE MULTI-LAMP ultraviolet disinfection units.

Compared to medium or high pressure lamp products Low Pressure Lamps:

  • are much more energy efficient. For the same flow a low pressure unit will require one half to one third the electrical consumption.

  • produce 90% of their UV output at 254nm wavelength, very close to the optimum for germicidal effectiveness. Medium & high-pressure lamps by contrast give a broad spectrum of UV and visible light, most of which has little disinfection capability.

  • run cool and the sleeves do not suffer the same point intensities. Medium/high pressure lamps run very hot, around 650C, and give extremely high energy intensity on lamp sleeve walls. Deposits are photo-chemically baked onto the sleeve making it harder to clean. Also they cannot tolerate loss of flow and have a short life, on average 4 months, resulting in poor performance and frequent maintenance.

  • barely heats the liquid, so minimum-flow limitations, temperature controls and safeguards are unnecessary.

  • mainly use standard mains-voltage fluorescent lamp components, which like the lamps are very reliable, economical and readily available. Higher pressure lamps require specialized high-voltage circuitry and have considerably shorter lamp life.

Multi-lamp units:

  • are inherently safer, as the very rare failure of a single lamp only results in a minor reduction of applied UVc dose and germicidal kill rate. In any case, every lamp is electrically monitored against failure to provide double the level of security. By contrast, the failure of a medium pressure single lamp unit results in totally untreated water, which is why costly standby systems are needed.

  • have regularly spaced UV lamps giving a more even distribution of UV intensity than a single central lamp. This means reduced risk of poorly treated zones close to the chamber walls.

  • in a larger chamber volume will result in a considerably longer treatment time.

  • are the accepted standard in the USA and worldwide, with the great majority of professional UV equipment manufacturers opting for the benefits of this technology.

WEDECO UV Systems plc manufacture compact, single-chamber, multi-lamp systems for treating up to several hundred cubic meters per hour, and can optimise the product using sophisticated design software to suit individual requirements.

Where features such as UV monitoring and self-cleaning systems are called for these too will be incorporated at the design stage. Contact Us for further technical advice.


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